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We have a good selection of violins, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, resonator guitars

and other "folk" instruments as well as band instruments.                                                                         

Great selection of ukuleles.  Choose from Amahi, Kala,
                              Kahuna and more.
                 All sizes, from soprano to bass.
NEW!  Loar LM-110A
A-style mandolin
New!  Loar LM310-F
F- style mandolin.
Used Kentucky KM150S
Solid top A-style Mandolin
$195 w. chipboard case
Used 5-string
Great for beginners.
NEW!  Recording King RK35-BR
Bell brass tone ring, mahogany
neck & resonator.  Sounds great.
Will stand up to any Gibson.
Call for price.
Savannah SB-100
Nice step-up banjo w. back.
Used Cremona cello
Full size. Solid top.  Good
step-up model. Comes with soft
case, bow and stand.  $395

New!  JZ Deluxe cello
Solid spruce top. Full size.
With soft case & bow.  $495
Used Pfretzschner 3/4 bass
Model 8900 Stradivarius.  Very
good condition.  $800 with
soft case.
                                 *                     *                        *
                                 *                     *                        *
                                 *                     *                        *
NEW!  JZ violin outfit.
Excellent beginner's violin,
complete with case & bow.
New!  JZ 1/2 size outfit.Cremona SV-75 1/16th size
outfit.  Never played. 
$100 or best offer. (consign)
Old 3/4 size Strad copy.
Good tone & in great shape.
$100 w. hard case & bow.
Used Trinity College Bouzouki
Like new condition.  Comes with
hard case, leather strap & extra
strings.  $550  (consign)
Used Artley Flute
Made in USA.  Good condition.
$175 with case.
Bundy II alto sax
Has some age to it but hasn't
been used for quite some time.
Ready to play.  Comes with case
and strap. $195   (consign)
Used Oahu Lap Steel
From the 50's or older.
Sounds great.  $175
with original case.
Dobro Hound Dog
Made in USA.  Ex. cond.
From 2003 or 2004.
$450 w. gigbag & strap.
Supro double neck steel
"Double the pleasure, double the fun..."
Used Holton French Horn
Been sitting a few years but still in excellent condition. 
Made in USA.  With hard case.  Best offer.  (consign)