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We have a good selection of violins, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, resonator guitars

and other "folk" instruments as well as band instruments.                                                                         

NEW!  GoldTone F6 Mando-Guitar
6-string mini-guitar tuned in the
range of a mandolin.  Lots of fun.
Regularly $524.50.  Yours for
only $395
New!  Rocky Top F-style
From the folks at Morgan
Monroe.  Good inexpensive
way to get into an F mandolin.
NEW!  Fender mandolin package.
Includes soft case, tuner & instruction
book.  $149
NEW!  Stadium ST-M20
Nice entry-level mandolin.
Oval sound-hole for greater
bass response.  $99
NEW!  Recording King RK-35-BR
Bell brass tone ring, mahogany
neck & resonator.  Sounds great.
Will stand up to any Gibson.
Call for price.
NEW! Rocky Top Hoedown
5-string banjo.  Package deal
with gigbag, stand and tuner. 
New!  Savannah SB80 5 string
Wood rim, wood resonator.
Good tone.  Plays well.
Used GoldTone CC50RP
Wood rim, resonator.  Planetary
tuners, geared 5th tuner.
Like new.  $325 with soft case.
NEW!  JZ cello
Full size.  Comes with
soft case and bow.  $299
NEW!  Sebastian violin outfit.
Excellent step-up violin.
NEW!  Knilling Bucharest violin outfit.
Perfection pegs - no more slipping.
A great step-up violin.
                                 *                     *                        *
                                 *                     *                        *
                                 *                     *                        *
NEW!  JZ violin outfit.  Excellent
beginner's violin, complete
with case & bow.  $150
New!  JZ 1/2 size outfit.Cremona SV-75 1/16th size outfit.
Never played.  $100 or best offer. (consign)
Old Strad copy
Made in USA
Great sound.  Comes with
back-pack case & bow.
$295  (consign)
Old 3/4 size Strad copy.
Good tone & in great shape.
$100 w. hard case & bow.
Used Holton French Horn
Been sitting for a few years but in
excellent condition.  Made in USA.
$1000 or best offer.  With hard case.
Used Artley Flute
Made in USA.  Good condition.
$175 with case.
Bundy II alto sax
Has some age to it but hasn't
been used for quite some time.
Ready to play.  Comes with case
and strap.  (consign)
James Jones Hammer Dulcimer
$480 with case, stand & hammers.  (consign)


Folkcraft dulcimer
Solid spruce top, mahogany
back/sides  $275 with hard
case.  (consign)
Folkcraft dulcimer
Solid cedar top, walnut back &
sides.  $275 with hard case. 
Used Oahu lap steel
From the '50's or older.
Sounds great.  $225 with case.
Best selection of ukes we have ever hadChoose from Kala, Amahi, Kahuna & more