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We have a good selection of violins, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, resonator guitars

and other "folk" instruments as well as band instruments.                                                                         

New!  Kentucky KM-140. 
Solid top.
New!  Rocky Top F-style
From the folks at Morgan
Monroe.  Good inexpensive
way to get into an F mandolin.
NEW!  Seagull S8 mandolin
Big sound from a small instrument.
Very easy player.
Made in Canada.
Clearance price: $$349
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NEW!  Fender mandolin package.
Includes soft case, tuner &
instruction manual.
All for $149
New! GoldTone F6 mando-guitar
Tuned an octave above a regular
guitar.  Gotta try it!  Loads of fun.
Used GoldTone AC-5
Ex. cond.  Closed back.
Used GoldTone MM150LN
Long neck banjo.  Just what
you need for Pete Seeger-
style folk music.  List new
was $1374.  Yours for only
$500.  With hard case
and strap.  (consign)
New!  Savannah SB100
5-string.  Wood rim.  Wood
resonator.  Good tone. 
Plays well.  $249
New!  GoldTone AC1
Good beginner's open-back
New!  Recording King RK-35-BR
A serious banjo.  Rivals a Gibson.
Call for price.
NEW!  JZ cello
Full size.  Comes with
soft case and bow.  $299
NEW!  Sebastian violin outfit.
Excellent step-up violin.
NEW!  Knilling Bucharest violin outfit.
Perfection pegs - no more slipping.
A great step-up violin.
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                                 *                     *                        *
NEW!  JZ violin outfit.  Excellent
beginner's violin, complete
with case & bow.  $150
New!  JZ 1/2 size outfit.Cremona SV-75 1/16th size outfit.
Never played.  $100 or best offer. (consign)
Old Strad copy
Made in USA
Great sound.  Comes with
back-pack case & bow.
$295  (consign)
Used Cremona SV-1220
Excellent sounding.  Not
used much.  Includes pickup,
case & bow.  $225  (consign)
Used Holton French Horn
Been sitting for a few years but in
excellent condition.  Made in USA.
$1000 or best offer.  With hard case.
Used Oahu lap steel
From the 50's or even older.
Sounds great.  $225 w. case.
James Jones Hammer Dulcimer
$480 with case, stand & hammers.  (consign)


Folkcraft dulcimer
Solid spruce top, mahogany
back/sides  $275 with hard
case.  (consign)
Folkcraft dulcimer
Solid cedar top, walnut back &
sides.  $275 with hard case. 
Best selection of ukes we have ever hadChoose from Kala, Amahi, Kahuna & more