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Fender Telecaster
Made in Mexico.  Ex. cond.
Nice player.  $495 w. gigbag
& strap.  (consign)
Ibanez Talman TC630
Kent Armstrong lipstick pickups.
Plays great.  Very versatile.
Ex. cond.  $325
Dillion "Tele" 52-reissue style
Wilkinson pickups.  Nice butter-
scotch finish & maple neck.
Comes with deluxe Fender
hard case.  Superior to any
Mexican Fender.  $350. (consign)
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                       *                     *                      *
                       *                     *                      *
Ibanez RG270
Licensed Floyd Rose locking
 trem.  Plays great.  $165
with gigbag.

Daisy Rock Elite Rebel
Light weight - handles well.
Great for beginner.  $99
Epiphone FAT210
Nice neck.  Light weight.
A real player.  $150 with
gigbag.  (consign)
Ovation Applause 12-string
1st edition (Made in USA)
Plays & sounds good.  $150
Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar QI
Solid cedar top 12-str. ac/elec.
Like new.  Sounds great.
$295 with hard case.
Washburn HD10SCE12
Solid spruce top, mahogany
back & sides.  Nice 12-string
ac/elec.  $275 w. soft case.
Washburn WD20SCE
Excellent ac/elec.  Solid spruce
top, rosewood back/sides.
$275 with deluxe hard case.
Blueridge BR160
Solid spruce top, solid
rosewood back/sides.
Sounds fantastic!  Active
transducer pickup installed.
$450 with hard case.  (consign)
Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS
Nice 3/4 size.  Great for little
hands.  $99 w. gigbag.  (consign)
Fender CD60
Ex. cond.  Sounds fine.
Zenison resonator guitar
Has a nice "dobro" zing.
$200 with hard case.  (consign)
Sigma DR28C
Cutaway version of their
D28.  Ex. condition.  Made in
Japan.  $395 with hard case.
Sigma DM4
A Martin import from years ago.
Solid spruce top.  Mahogany back
and sides.  Back has some damage
but is very playable.  Great campfire
guitar.  $125 w. soft case.  (consign)
Kona K1E ac/elec
Good player.  Good pickup.
Ovation AE35
ac/elec 12-string.  Ex. cond.
No cracks.  $279 w. hard case.
JBP (J.B. Player) JBEA60RS
Some wear but plays well.
A great utility guitar.  $95
AXL strat-style electric
Left-hand.  Very good condition.
Dean Jr.-size electric with RMS practice amp.
$125 with stand & cable.  $125  (consign)
Spector 5-str. bass.
Just beautiful!  EMG active
pickups, hard case & straplocks.
Made in Czech Republic.
$1399  (consign)
Epiphone P-style bass
Plays well.  $125  (consign)
Sterling SUB Stingray 4
Like new.  Active electronics.
Ibanez RDGR Roadgear bass
Active pickups.  Plays very well.
$200 with hard case.  (consign)
Ibanez AEB10E
Ac/elec bass.
Ex. cond. Plays very well.
$200 with hard case.  (consign)
Galaxis short-scale bass
Made in Czechoslovakia (70's?)
Narrow neck.  Great for small hands.
$125  (consign)